Fitness for the mind, body, and spirit...


Gospelrobics is an online exercise show designed to educate viewers about all aspects of fitness for the body, mind, and spirit. The show features interactive exercise segments that provide a thorough cardio-vascular workout to high energy gospel music.

Host Regie Thornton’s love of fitness spans a lifetime and is incorporated in every aspect of his daily routine. As a minister, Regie preaches his love for exercise from the pulpit emphasizing the importance of a healthy body. As he puts it, “Are you Pumped for Purpose and Fit for the Call”? This fitness guru is also a certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer who credits his mother and father with his love of exercise. Both parents were physical education teachers, coaches and athletes themselves. An athlete in his own right, Regie even trained for the 1992 and 2000 Olympic games.


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Show #1 - Hi / Lo (1)

Based on military “boot camp” training, this challenging workout will get you in shape and increase strength.

Show #2 - Boot Camp Training (1)

Get “Fit for the call” and “Pumped for Purpose” with this spirited hi / lo aerobic workout.

Show #3 - Family

Kids and parents exercise together using kid-friendly aerobic routines.

Show #4 - Afro-Brazilian Aerobics

This exciting, low impact workout combines salsa, calypso and Brazilian dance moves.

Show #5 - Step Aerobics (1)

Take exercise to a new level with high-energy step aerobics.

Show #6 - Men

Designed specifically for men, this workout combines calisthenics with strength training.

Show #7 - Step Aerobics (2)

Step up to a higher level of fitness with this challenging step workout.

Show #8 - Conga Jam

Hi / Lo aerobics is combined with a splash of funk and performed to live conga drum music
with a spiritual flair.

Show #9 - Hi / Lo (2)

Men and women exercise together in this high-energy basic aerobics workout.

Show #10 - Boot Camp Training (2)

Hup, two, three, four! This Boot Camp routine provides the ultimate cardio workout.

Show #11 - Women

Designed specifically for women, this workout blends dynamic choreography and strength training to tone muscles and burn fat.

Show #12 - Kickboxing

Kick your way to total fitness with this explosive Tae-Bo style workout.

Show #13 - Hi / Lo (3)

Get in shape with this heart-pumping, foot stomping aerobic workout.


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